Sound Systems for

Bands, DJ's, School Performances, School Plays, Theatre Groups, Marriage Celebrants, Church Organisations, 

Festivals, Street Festivals, Hotels, Bars, Parties, Single Artists, Duo's, Trio's, 

Sound Equipment Includes, Analogue Mixing Desks, Digital Mixing Desks, Motorized Fader Digital Desks,

Digital Stage RacksLooms, Multicores, P.A. Amplifiers, Foldback Wedge Amplifiers, Passive Front of House Speakers,

Dual 15 inch Cabinets and Horn Passive, Dual 15 inch Subs Passive, Single 15 inch Subs Passive,

Single 15 inch W Bin subs Passive, Dual 15 inch J Bins and Horn, Single 15 inch Powered 1200 watt Speakers,

Single 18 inch Powered 1000 watt Subs, 15 inch Passive Fold Back Wedges, 12 inch Passive Fold Back Wedges,

8 inch Passive Fold Back Wedges, Powered 12" Foldback Wedges Speaker Stands, Microphone Stands,

Instrument Microphone Stands, Mini Stands, Speaker Leads, Microphone Leads, Drum Clips, Drum Microphone Kits,

Vocal Microphones, Instrument Microphones, Shotgun (Choir) Microphones,

Hand Held Radio Microphones, Headset Radio Microphones.

Communication Headsets UHF.

Battery Operated Portable P.A. Systems including Hand Held Radio Microphones,

Belt Pack Transmitters with Lapel Microphones, Headset Radio Microphone systems